All of our trainers are have been trained under the QF Fitness method. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace. All trainers make sure QF Fitness is a welcoming environment!


Ian Emanuele

Owner and founder:

Ian is the owner and founder of QF Fitness. Proud to open qf fitness’s second location in vaughan where he is deeply tied into the communities roots as a resident!

Along with being the owner, Ian is also one of our trainers that teaches classes and runs the physio program at qf fitness.

With over 20 years of fitness experience from coaching & training athletes, Youth sports, and reaching client’s goals. He will surely make you sweat and feel the burn!


Ayo Akindolire

Competing in track & field has brought Ayo lots of knowledge towards the weightlifting background. Ayo really enjoys helping others & encourages them on their journey towards their set goals. He’s eager to continuously learn from his colleagues & provide excellent service to each & every single client!


Michael Do

Coming from a boxing background, Michael is a true team player, and he doesn’t give up on himself or the people around him. He’s passionate about helping others and just wants to help people achieve their dreams and reach their goals. He’s a goal setter, but also a go-with-the-flow kinda guy… you know, the kind who just wants to be free.


Hazem Omran

Hazem is addicted to fruits, vegetables, and soccer. With being technically based with soccer, Hazem brings his expertise of technical form along with his positive energy and fun-loving nature to QF Fitness so you can sweat well and be well. Hazem has been active since he was 6 and he has exceptional energy to bring to classes!