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Guest Health Warranty. Quick Fitness shall not be liable for any injury arising out of the GUEST’s disability, impairment, and/or ailment preventing him or her from engaging in active or passive exercise, or that would be detrimental or adverse to such person’s health, safety, and/or physical condition if he or she chooses to participate. Each member and guest should be aware of his/her medical history and should consult with a physician prior to engaging in exercise or continuing to exercise if a medical condition appears to be developing/has developed.

Liability and Wavier of Liability. Each guest at Quick Fitness shall be liable for any property damage and/or personal injury at Quick Fitness or any activity/function that is operated, arranged, or sponsored by Quick Fitness.  It shall be the obligation of the guest to pay for any costs involved upon presentation of a statement thereof.  Any and all use of equipments of Quick Fitness by the guest shall be at such person’s own risk, and Quick Fitness shall not be liable for any injuries or damages to such person or the property of such person or be subject to any claim, demand, injury and/or damages.  The guest or anyone or anyone on behalf of the guest’s personal representative, heirs, administrators, assings and successors does here by expressly forever release and discharge at Quick Fitness, its successors and assings, as well as its officers, agents, and employees from all such claims, demands, actions, or causes of actions.